PR: Engage brain before hitting send…

For crying out loud. Why is it that PR people can’t do the very basic elements of electronic communication properly?

Sending press releases by e-mail is NOT hard. I’m sure a moderately intelligent wild chimp could probably manage to send an e-mail correctly.


This week one of the spam press releases I received was formatted in HTML (as far as I am concerned that alone is a big no-no – always cater for the lowest common denominator – plain text will work fine thanks).

The press release was unsolicited, untargeted and was at best only tangentially relevant to this blog – at a stretch.

Of course, because they decided to sent it as HTML the formatting was broken, you could barely read the press release – if you wanted to.

So this morning I receive another version of the press release, this time its in plain text format with a general disclaimer that this version was technically revised to solve incompatability issues….

Oh Lord… Look, this e-mail stuff is fairly straight forward. If you’re interested in more common sense on using e-mail check these links out or search the web: