Really Simple Statistics

At this point, all PR people should, at the very least, be evaluating RSS feeds. For PR people working in technology organizations (or their agencies) RSS is fast becoming a core component of that standard communications mechanism.

It’s interesting that RSS, without much of the fanfare afforded to other online communications tools, is continuing to proliferate. According to the New York Times visits to their website via RSS feeds jumped from 500,000 a month in 2003, to 7.3 million in April 2005.

As communicators it’s part of our job to provide information to our audiences where and when they want it and RSS is increasingly part of that mix.

If you don’t know much about RSS, I’ve included some links below. There’s also some interesting new content on RSS such as:

If RSS is nothing more than another TLA (three letter acronym) to you, here’s some useful links that will hopefully explain it’s potential