How can IT firms reach Small and Medium Sized US Businesses?

Forrester Research has released an interesting report looking at how small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) in the US find out about technology and what factors influence their purchase decision. It makes for interesting reading.

Forrester categorizes firms with six to ninety nine employees as small and firms with one hundred to nine hundred and ninety nine employees as medium sized businesses.

The number one source of information for small and medium sized companies on technology decisions is trade publication articles (47%). That is followed by consultants (44%), conferences (41%), vendors salespeople, online search engines, research firms and traditional media (TV, Radio and Newspapers) respectively.

When comparing and selecting IT vendors the top three sources for small and medium businesses are word of mouth (54%), consultants (41%) and trade publications articles (38%).

It’s an interesting report. Trade publications remain a vitally important element in communication – which must come as a shock to many of the gloom and doom brigade. Also the importance of independent consultants continues to be key in the SMB sales cycle for organizations that have limited technical expertise.

You can find out more at the Forrester website.

Report: How to Reach SMBs, Meredith Morris, © Forrester Research June 2005