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A little more on the future of PR…

Anil Dash, who regularly receives badly targeted PR pitches and who in fairness at least took the time to provide some advice to the proponents of these poor blog pitches (even though it’s unlikely the perpetrators would have the common sense to read them), has kindly responded to my criticism of Tim Bray‘s PR Manifesto in the comments section. (Scroll to the end)

I have posted a response to his comment, but at least Anil took the time to read and respond. That at least is conversation. PR people who blog, do take the time to highlight poor practice as we see it. We do try and provide guidance where it’s appropriate, but we cannot and will not stand idly by when indviduals take it upon themselves to be the visionaries for a profession they know little or nothing about. For the record I don’t include Anil in that category.

Written by Tom Murphy

July 18, 2005 at 8:22 am

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