PR Miscellany – July 4, 2005

Happy fourth of July!

Couple of interesting stories to report:

  • Long time tech journalist and industry curmedgeon John Dvorak[blog] took time out at the JavaOne conference in San Francisco last week to fire a broadside at PR. In a generally critical interview about Sun, it transpired a pre-arranged meeting for Dvorak with Scott McNealy was cancelled by Sun’s PR folks and he was clearly not impressed. About 22 minutes into the interview he let’s rip with some of the usual stereotypes:

    “When the CEO gives up his manhood to some squirly PR person whose intimidating everyone and lording it over everyone like she’s the big expert because she worked for one of the agencies for two years, is a pathetic indictment.”

    [Fast connection required]

  • Steve Rubel [blog] has launched his first podcast.
    It’s just over twelve minutes and provides some opinions on RSS and blogs as well as addressing some recent criticisms. A worthy download to get your week started.
  • Piaras Kelly reports that the BBC have released editorial guidelines for its financial journalists. They have also published guidelines on conflicts of interest.
  • John Cass and Backbone Media have released the findings of a recent blogging survey which included responses from over 800 people. The report includes both quantative results (59% of respondent bloggers had been contacted by the media and most of the bloggers were over 30) and qualitative results including interviews with a number of companies who are already blogging.
    It also includes some interesting results on why companies start blogs and what kind of return they are getting from the investment.