Off (PR) topic: The final word on full or partial RSS feeds…

OK, enough already with the navel gazing on whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of full or partial RSS feeds.

Who cares? Not me.

RSS feeds deliver headlines into my reader. I browser the headlines and for subjects that interest me, I read on. I do it in the newsreader or if I have to click, I click.

If people spent more time evangelizing the benefits of RSS (there are loads) rather than bickering about something that doesn’t matter we’d all be happier.

Furthermore, if people think I’ll be tinkering with my RSS feed settings to cater for the preferred RSS format they are mistaken. Most people configure their RSS at the outset and never venture near it again.

People, let’s focus on the big issues not get stuck in the weeds…. please no more “discussion” on the matter. Make up your own mind and do what you prefer…