PR Miscallany – June 08, 2005

  • Jeremy Pepper‘s latest PR Face2Face interview is with Clive Armitage, head honcho over at Bite [website] and home of the Bite blog.
  • I know Clive from way back in the mists of time when I was a wet-behind-the-ears PR intern. We both worked at Text 100 before he went of to discover fame and fortune with Bite. It’s a great interview with some interesting observations.

    Jeremy also has an excellent post on the art and science of PR team building and he reports on John Battelle‘s keynote at the OMMA West Conference.

  • Ken Kerrigan has a thoughful post on the importance of effective internal communications.
  • Keith Jackson writes on a report by Ronald Hanser of Pinnacle Worldwide on a survey of future PR trends.
  • Richard Edelman believes that PR is finally getting some respect…
  • I’ve been meaning to link to the New Communications blogzine for ages. It’s mission is to:
    New Communications Blogzine is a bi-monthly online publication is dedicated to exploring new communications tools, technologies and emerging modes of communication, (including blogs, wikis, RSS, podcasts, search marketing, etc.), the growing phenomena of participatory communications and their effect on traditional media, professional communications, business, politics and society at large.

    Issue 8
    is just out and is focussing on blogging and women. It’s definetely worth a read and there’s some great stuff in the back issues.
  • It looks like the 49’ers video snafu is set to run….
  • An interesting profile of Pat Corfman who looks after PR and Marketing at Michigan’s Bishop Airport.