PR Miscellany – May 20, 2005

 In my time working in Public Relations I’ve come across diverse styles of communication.  There’s a number of practitioners who believe that the most effective means of “managing” the media agenda is to take an agressive, bullying approach.  I’ve never bought it frankly.  I believe that ‘what goes around, comes around’ and I’ve seen it happen enough to know it’s true. Yes the aggressive approach does sometimes yield results, but it’s not an effective form of communication in my not so humble opinions.  Michael O’Connor Clarke has a post on the Pitbull PR Method. It’s a worthwhile read.

 In a world of hyperbole and polarized opinions, it’s good to come across some well reasoned thinking. Philip Young has posted a great paper on blogging titled  “How the fax machine changed human discourse”. It’s recommended reading.

 The thirty-fourth installment of The Hobson and Holtz Report has been released covering IBM, Oracle’s podcasting and blogs.