PR Miscellany – May 11, 2005

 The alarm:clock tirade against the PR agency business which I commented on yesterday has generated a lot of comment and ire, but one of the more interesting pieces – and given the source – possibly one of the more relevant pieces has been written by Business Week‘s Sarah Lacy. You may not agree with it but it’s interesting nonetheless.

[Link courtesy of Constantin Basturea‘s excellent PR Digest]

 Speaking of PR agencies, Michael O’Connor Clarke is back blogging and he’s adding some further fuel to the fire with a new series of posts titled “The Seven Deadly Agency Types” and he kicks off with Type 1: The Classic Sweatshop.

 Alice Marshall points to the ‘de-marketization‘ of Adobe’s Q&A around their recent acquisition of Macromedia – it makes for amusing reading.

 Andy Lark refers us to an essay that comes to the defence of poor, beleagured PowerPoint.

 John Cass references an interesting PR primer article from 2003 written by Bruce Hadley for software CEOs. The article includes a link to the ever wonderful, relevant and insightful “Care and Feeding of the Press” by Esther Schindler.

 Stuart Bruce has pointed out that PR Opinions is a little slow.  If anyone else is having similar problems with the blog can you let me know.  I’ll go and kick my ISP’s derriere.