Listen, learn and expand your PR mind….

When I started this blog many moons ago it was to capture useful PR-related content from around the InterWeb.  At the time there wasn’t a huge amount of decent content and the PR publishers were increasingly hiding their content behind the firewall.

No vision for me, nope.  I didn’t spot this fundamental shift in communication models, nope. I just wanted to aggregate links to content that I thought was useful.

If we fast forward to today it’s amazing to see the change.  We now have well over 100 PR blogs (see the right hand list for many of them) with more being launched all the time. Their authors are delivering fantastic content and opinions and recently we’re seeing a whole raft of very interesting interviews with various PR luminaries.

I’m a firm believer that you never stop learning in this game and one of the best ways to learn is to listen and read. So check out some of the more recent PR interviews:

  • Renee Blodgett, Founder Blodgett Communications [Shel Israel]
  • Richard Edelman, CEO Edelman [Shel Israel]
  • Al Golin, Chairman of Golin Harris [Jeremy Pepper]
  • Neville Hobson, Business Communicator and Prominent Blogger [Shel Israel]
  • Shel Holtz, Principal, Holtz Communication + Technology [Shel Israel]
  • Mike Manual, Voce Communications [Shel Israel]
  • Tony Russo, CEO Euro RSCG Life PR [Robb Hecht]
  • Steve Rubel, PR blog king and CooperKatz blog leader [Shel Israel]
  • Jerry Swerling, Principal of Swerling & Associates [Jeremy Pepper]