PR spam and RSS

In the comments on my post regarding PR e-mail, Jeremy is concerned about his press releases getting caught in spam filters. 

One quick way to check whether your press release will probably get through, is to use a free online service called spamcheck:

Send your press release to:

Put the word “TEST” at the beginning of the subject line and you’ll get an automated response in a couple of minutes rating the “spam-content” of your press release!

Also Tate asks if there are any good resources for illustrating the benefits of RSS to journalists.

I don’t know of any specific resources.  I include our RSS feed in my e-mail signature and at the bottom of our press releases, I’ve had some good feedback from journalists on both.

There are a number of good media stories on the benefits of RSS which may help:

I’d be interested to hear other PR people’s experiences “selling” RSS….