PR Miscellany – April 13, 2005

To Embargo or not to Embargo:

Andrew Smith points to an interesting story about a broken PR embargo.  Seemingly the Financial Times (FT) broke an embrago for an announcement from the World Bank. The embargo is a mutual PR-media tool where the media get time to write up a story so they can run it as the news breaks.  From a PR perspective obviously it provides a means of getting the media interested in an upcoming story.  However, as Andrew points out, there’s no legal barriers to stop the journalist running with the story ahead of the launch date – it happens all the time.

So how as the World Bank responded to the broken embargo?  It has banned the FT from their online briefing center for six months….



Andy Lark has made his presentation on measurement from the Media Relations 2005 Conference available online.



iPressroom have made a number of interviews with various PR and media pros available as podcasts [Registration Required].

Meanwhile, Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson have released PR Podcast #23  and a bonus podcast on open source marketing with James Cherkoff and Johnnie Moore.


Country PR:

EurActiv takes a brief look at how Turkey is using PR in an effort to increase its chances of joining the European Union.


PR Thai Style:

Interesting article from the Bangkok Post looking at the winners of a recent competition for PR students in Thailand.