PR Misc – March 31, 2005

 David Tebbutt has published an interesting list of the “rights” of the journalist and the spokesperson in an interview and is requesting debate on this list. Stuart Bruce has posted some comments.


 Colin McKay has a very interesting post from the Managing Editor of ABC News in Canada on why “months” aren’t newsworthy….


 Topaz Partners have two interesting posts.  One on the art of the e-mail pitch 2005 style – including the fact that you might (gasp) have to use a telephone .  The second post concerns an interesting PR discussion following the recent IAOC blog event. 


 Voce Communications have an interesting interview with Bob Wynne, VP of media relations at Oracle.

“The need for speed in developing messages and communications, the need for integrity in dealing with all audiences and the need for a solid understanding of what impacts the company’s bottom line will remain the same. Everything else will change. That’s just the way it is. Get used to it.”

 Jeremy Pepper has an interview with Chris Shipley organizer of the ever optimistic Demo conferences.

“It’s not difficult – the key thing is that the fundamentals for getting to DEMO are on the Website. The thing that makes a difference in pitching for DEMO is to understand the value for the client at DEMO. Being an advocate for both the client and DEMO, being a bridge. PR people overzealously pitch clients to DEMO, but not DEMO to the clients. Too many times, I have had companies say to me at the pitch – so, what is DEMO. The agency did not explain the value, and the client comes in blind.”