PR Misc – February 16, 2004

 I must say that at a time when the PR business is under more scrutiny than ever, it speaks volumes for Edelman that their leader is willing to step forward and provide honest guideance on good PR practice. 

Richard Edelman’s posts may not be to everyone’s taste, but he is a lone voice in honestly addressing this issue while his cohorts hide behind ‘multiples’ and new HR initiatives. Of course it’s questionable on how successful he will be convincing the silent majority to adopt new ethical practices. Ethics is one element that could significantly impact shareholder value.


 Andy Lark gives us a great example of the perils of “internal” blogging.  Just like “internal” e-mail and “internal” memos there’s very little security. Intel’s President, Paul Otellini‘s internal blog has emerged in public and guess what… it deviates from the standard corporate line….


 Long time PR blogger Richard Bailey has a most interesting piece over at the IAOC blog on the continuing importance of media relations.


 Constantin Basturea has upgraded his blog (and it’s address).


 Robb Hecht points out an article by Bill Stoller on getting the media to open your e-mails.