PR Misc. – January 17, 2005

 Of all the detritus you often find in large office buildings probably the worst are the “motivational” posters. Mike Manuel provides a great antidote with a link to One of my favorites: Despair: It’s always darkest just before it goes pitch black” – Fantastic. Mike also offers some thoughts on blogs and PR and on a related note Steve Rubel links to Brian Bailey’s “10 steps to building a better blog”.

 Jim Horton is a recommended daily read (and probably the original online PR pioneer).  He provides interesting, real world experiences each week.  Recently he wrote about dealing with the “hatchet reporter” – you know it’s going to be bad but just how bad is in the balance, and an account of a recently saved business pitch.

 Matthew Podby points out an AP article on the use of dreaded buzz words such as experience, scalable etc. in technology marketing. Though in an attempt at a weak defence of technology marketers they aren’t alone, what about all those non-industry specific terms like granular, leverage et al. Technology may be one of the worst offenders but you find them everywhere!

 Randy Wombold looks at the recent Corvette launch from the perspective of the technology PR practitioner.

 Richard Edelman has some sensible comments on the whole VNR saga, as does Shel Holtz.

 BL Ochman has a great link to a post from Seth Godin which includes some interesting comments from Danny Sullivan:

�Search marketing is more than buying ads — SEO is the search world’s equivalent to public relations.”

I wholeheartedly agree.