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PR Misc – January 11, 2005

 PR firm SHIFT Communications has published some interesting research findings on the ability of PR to deliver sales leads… this is a topic I’ll definetely come back to.

  The Hobson and Holtz Report have released their second PR podcast dealing with PR blogs, PR blog practices, copyright and blogging, IABC and the New Communications Forum 2005. Get your MP3 player out…

 Andrew Smith has some interesting comments on the FT story about PR people moving in-house:

“Certainly in the tech PR sector, things ain’t what they used to be. Gone are the days when agency founders could hope to cash in by selling out for huge sums to a bigger group (and even then, it would be on an earn out basis. The founders would still be expected to stick around for a few years and would only get their pot of gold if they hit tough profit targets). For junior members of staff, long hours and rapid promotion was offset by good salaries and benefits. Maybe even the lure of shares and/or a place on the board at some future point. However, the opportunity to do that now is remote. So with no clear career path and the prospect of being asked to take on ever more resposibility for little further financial gain is leading to many to ask: what’s the point? So no surprise that many are seeking out in-house jobs or changing career altogether.” gives us ten differences between advertising and PR…

 Tech PR job musical chairs continues… Tom Foremski reports that in addition to Andy Lark leaving Sun and Oracle’s VP Jennifer Glass jumping ship to Sony, Jim Finn, Oracle’s head of PR has left the company as well… no news on where he’s moved to.


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January 11, 2005 at 8:53 am

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