PR Misc – January 04, 2005

 I recently wrote about the growing movement of PR people from agencies to in-house roles and vice versa.  The Financial Times has a story on the trend, reporting that Microsoft, PepsiCo, Woolworths and Accenture have all recently hired PR people from the agency world. Some of the quotes in the piece illustrate some of the age old prejudices I referenced in my earlier post.

“It’s driving everyone mad,” one senior PR consultancy executive complains. “It’s happened to us three times in the past 12 months and we ended up losing business as a result. There’s a real shortage of creative talent on the client side, in my view, and the way this is being dealt with is unacceptable.”

 Fineman PR have published their annual list of the top ten PR blunders. [The last time I posted an entry on Fineman’s list I pointed out their own little blunder – they don’t make the list available on their website – no change.]

 Interesting AP story on how the spate of corporate scandals continued in 2004.

 South Africa’s Marketing Web has a story on the uneasy relationship between advertising and PR

 Bacon’s has acquired PR measurement firm Delahaye Medialink beefing up their PR measurement services alongside their media databases…