An illustration of the potential of online communication…

One of the weblog posts I missed during my prolonged absence was written by Shel Holtz.

Shel published an open letter to David Murray regarding his story on the front page of Ragan’s Report entitled “Blog wonks need chill pill”.

Shel’s post is worth I read, as is David’s article, but I strongly recommend you visit Shel’s comments section

It provides a wonderful example of the potential that the combination of Weblogs and Comment sections create.  Over the course of 47 comments there is a fantastic rich dialog between Shel, David, some PR bloggers, other Ragan staff and a number of innocent bystanders. Some of it is interesting, some you’ll agree with, some you won’t and some of it you’ll find highly amusing – but whatever your perspective it’s engaging, passionate content.

If you don’t have ten minutes right now, why don’t you (whisper it in case the digital police catch you) print it off to read later.  It’s worth the ink.