Some useful E-mail advice….

Although RSS will probably play a larger role in the future in how we discover and share information, E-mail remains a vital part of our communications toolbox.

I found a couple of interesting e-mail posts over the past couple of days:

 Andy Lark shares some of his e-mail rules.

“Or, like it has for many, email has become like an arcade game in which we win by shooting the bastards down as they flood our inbox.”

 Amy Gahran shares some advice on how to be smart about communicating with the media via e-mail and also makes some recommendations on good e-mail list software.

“The plague of spam is having disastrous effects on legitimate e-mail distribution lists. Most people � especially journalists � receive such a high volume of spam that they routinely overlook, delete, or filter out many legitimate messages, including mail from opt-in lists.”

Some more e-mail related content: