Silicon Valley, PR and blogging…

Tom Foremski over at Silicon Valley Watcher touches on how PR companies are beginning to notice bloggers.

PR companies know how to work with traditional media, but they are not sure how to work with bloggers. That indecision has led to no action at all. But now, Christina says that things are changing. �Some PR companies, and also their clients, are beginning to ask, ‘which are the most influential blogs?’�

This can be a tough one to judge. It is difficult to audit the readership of blogs. RSS feeds and the re-posting of stories and entries across the web is difficult to track. Yes, there is �trackback,� which is integrated into blogging software and can track links to a specific blog entry. But spammers have forced many blogs to turn-off this feature.

[Via Jeremy Pepper]


  • CMO Magazine is running an online poll asking if marketers are using blogs in their marketing efforts.  You can vote here. Interestingly the result is currently running in favor of blogs (42/48). I think that’s a little high and is probably influenced by the fact it’s an online poll and referrals are coming from blogs.  I would estimate the actual figure is way lower than that. [Via Robb Hecht]