Talking about the elephant in the room….

Nope it’s not a political post, the elephant we’re talking about (or not talking about) is PR measurement.

The last great unconquered area of Public Relations.

However there may be some good news in the area of media relations measurement.

KD Paine & Partners have just released a new service called the DIY Dashboard that promises to provide media relations measurement for $50 a month.

The DIY Dashboard system starts with an in-depth consultation with KDPaine & Partners to define the specific metrics that you want to track. KDPaine & Partners developers then customize the application to produce data based on those specific metrics.

If you have your own clips, you can start entering data right away and produce a performance report in minutes. If you don�t have the clips, you can import data from Factiva, Nexis, CustomScoop, Cyberalert or any other XML feed. You then code the clips and instantly produce the requisite charts.