PR Misc August 31 2004

 PR Pro Brian Schwartz, who works at CDW, has kicked off a blog called Reporters’ Gold, which is aimed at providing journalists with an aggregated source of industry research and other information.*

 Constantin Basturea has put together a fantastic Wiki that lists CEO blogs

 Bacon’s (nee MediaMap) Expert PR newsletter has long been a staple source of PR articles and how-to’s.  The latest issue covers improving the accuracy of news coverage, online newsroomsblogs, building lasting media relationships, corporate messaging,  pitching online editors, tips on being a good TV spokesperson. There’s something there for everyone!

 Matthew Podboy takes a look at measuring online PR and Angelo Fernando looks at measuring word of mouth.

 A new global survey on PR measurement has been announced.

 Edelman’s Silicon Valley office has picked up a nice account win with the Churchill Club.

 Be careful out there…Mike Manuel notes another blog victim.  Joyce Parks has lost her job at Friendster for…. her blog.


* Thanks to Steve Rubel for the link.