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Analyst Relations update…

Posting has been sporadic recently as I’ve been travelling quite a bit and keeping up the blog has been difficult but normal service should be resumed now.

Whilst I’ve been away I have come across some interesting Analyst Relations stuff.

Elizabeth Albrycht has discovered Tekrati’s Industry Analyst Reporter which is an interesting new departure, a site that attempts to aggregate all the latest industry analyst news and research.  It’s definetely recommended if you’re working with Analysts.

I’ve also been exposed to Forrester’s Analyst Relations and Marketing Council which is a very interesting development.  Effectively, Forrester is building a forum for the PR and Marketing folks at their client firms to come together, discuss issues and learn more about Forrester.  It’s a very innovative program.  Kudos to Forrester.

Finally the Knowledge Capital Group monthly newsletter (The AR Insider) has some interesting artilces this month on the nature of analyst influence and working with analysts to get better market coverage. (I can’t find weblinks to these stories hence I haven’t included them, however you can sign up at the web site.)

Written by Tom Murphy

June 15, 2004 at 8:52 am

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