PR Round-up

There’s not a whole lot of PR content around given the week that’s in it, however I have found some interesting (and not so interesting) PR-related links:

 B.L Ochman has a good piece on Why PR has an image problem.

 Some tips on improving your personal business image… not that I think you need them..

 PR Week has a roundtable with those most interesting of PR practitioners, the entertainment gang. 

 Delta Airlines’ new CEO is using “Public Relations” to overcome their recent difficulties – inside and outside the company – PR in it’s widest definition of course.

 Paris Hilton’s attempts at PR… nuff said

 Last but not least… as regular readers will know I am a big fan of RSS. Interestingly without the hype of Weblogs etc. it’s growing nicely and being adopted by unexpected sources – that to Darren Barefoot for the link!