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Flash Intros revisited…

According to a story on MarketingSherpa (only available until Nov. 27) over 80% of respondents (the majority of whom were non-marketing professionals) in a recent survey preferred websites without Flash intros.

Seemingly there has a lot of negative feedback to MarketingSherpa over the results.

As many of you will know, I have my own little anti-Flash campaign going.

So here’s a re-cap, Flash intro’s are a bad idea because:

1) They delay your visitor accessing your web site

2) They serve no purpose other than thinly veiled advertising – and if the visitor has typed your URL then you already have them – let them in

3) They are in many cases self-indulgent design projects

4) It confuses visitors who expect to be able to navigate sites using standard HTML navigation

5) Your site becomes unaccessible to users who do not have or want Flash on their computer

6) You are being made fun of by fantastic parodies such as SkipIntro

7) Flash creation is expensive, where’s the ROI?

8) Shouldn’t the time and resources you spend on Flash be better utilized improving your site’s navigation, content etc.

9) The creators of Flash discourage it’s use for these Intros – and they should know – see point #3

10) Does it drive more visitors, help you capture more leads, create business opportunities? If the answer is no, hit the delete button.

Now before I get loads of abuse, of course Flash has useful applications.  It’s fantastic for creating demonstrations, tutorials, presentations etc. It’s just not good for guarding your webite or for website navigation for that matter.

Check out some serial PR offenders.


Written by Tom Murphy

November 21, 2003 at 10:20 am

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