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The marketing of a presidential hopeful

Baseline magazine analyzes how the Howard Dean presidential campaign is successfully using technology to drive his nomination.  From his blog  to online community sites, Dean’s campaign is a fantastic story on how communication over the Internet is becoming more important for every sector.

“The marketing of presidents and even state and local political candidates may never be the same. By early November, the Dean campaign claimed 500,000 online supporters, up from zero at the start of the year. Only 4 percent of Democratic primary voters said in March they would cast their lot with Dean; now, he is backed by 15 percent of likely voters, according to an early November Zogby poll. That puts him ahead of every other Democratic candidate, by at least five percentage points.”

And he’s raised over $7.4 million online along the way. 

Forget your politics, this is an intriguing case study. 

Of course, traditional tactics remain vitally important, but the ability to effectively use the Internet for communications is becoming a critical element of every marketing campaign.

Jim Horton has some interesting thoughts on this very topic.

Written by Tom Murphy

November 20, 2003 at 10:59 am

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