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Some opinions on PR licensing, blogs, Internet PR and much more…

MediaMap’s ExpertPR newsletter typically delivers a very rich source of opinions on a variety of PR issues and the latest issue doesn’t disappoint.

 Richard Laermer on the idea of PR Licenses – he’s not an advocate… I’m not so sure.

 Marc Hausman on Competitive Positioning.

 Alan Caruba on Internet-driven PR.

 Naseem Javed on the importance of a well chosen corporate image.

 B.L Ochman on tips for pitching blogs.

 Corinne Brinkley and Rachel Volante on the differences between print and Web media.

 Finally Ashley Elpern shares some of the useful lessons from a MediaMap webinar on high-tech media relations held with Mitch Wagner and Larry Walsh.

Now that should be plenty of on the job reading for your commute / coffee break / lunch etc.

Written by Tom Murphy

November 18, 2003 at 12:46 pm

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