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The Guardian looks at why journalism needs PR…

Today’s UK Guardian has an article on the inter-relationship between journalists and PR people.

The article won’t surprise anyone who has read any of the previous Journalist vs PR pro pieces, though the quote from the UK Sunday Times last May is a little on the shocking side:

“Hacks still naively pursue something they like to call the truth. Their problem is that it no longer exists. For truth has been destroyed by public relations executives, or ‘scum’ as we like to call them.”

The author, who is from the PR side of the argument addresses this view and comes to the conclusion that:

“But the uneasy marriage between PR and journalism is far from over. We need to spend more, not less, time together, and remember why we need each other in the first place.”

Which does make sense.  However I do wonder if we need to continue to highlight the extreme views on either side of the PR-Journalism debate.

Yes there are unprofessional, incompetent PR people

Yes there are ‘difficult’ journalists

Yes some industries do as a rule attempt to manipulate the media more than others (think Politics, “A-List” celebrities etc..)

However, the simple fact is that for all this hysteria, we have to work together. Everyone of the PR side of the house has to work harder to ensure we provide what journalists need and that we (and our colleagues) perform professionally. That’s the job folks.

(Thanks to Joanne Coffey for the link)

Written by Tom Murphy

November 17, 2003 at 5:35 pm

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