Avoiding E-mail crisis

e21 Corp. has published a new article on avoiding e-mail crisis which looks at recent e-mail-related PR snafus and offers some basic tips to try and avoid similar issues.

The single best ways to avoid e-mail hell is to update your virus checker, seperate your contacts from your e-mail client and always delay the delivery of e-mail.  Instant delivery is the number one cause of e-mail embarrasment – I know this from personal experience.

On a related note.  As I mentioned previously, spam continues to thrive.  Most of my delete decisions are based on the subject line. It’s made me think a lot more about how I use subject lines.

The best means of avoiding instant delete is obviously to create a compelling line but also include some sort of identification. If you regularly write creative subject lines such as: “Hi” or “I thought you might be interested”, the likelihood is the recipient never even seen it.