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I just read a piece that takes a very common sense approach to the opportunities and issues of blogs written by Perry De Havilland.

It is a realistic piece that points out that bad blogging is worse than no blogging at all and that:

“Similarly, some companies will never have the necessary corporate culture to actually let their employees talk to the public without surrounding them with a deadening phalanx of PR consultants and lawyers who sanitize every word they type. Just having a blog is not enough� you must allow the writers to blog correctly.”

He’s absolutely right.  There’s a lot of potential, but the simple fact is that it’s not for everyone.

There’s still a huge delta in understanding of what blogs are, what they’re not and what they are useful for. Blogs are still not mainstream and I think it’ll be at least another year. It’s popular.  But popular is a far way from mainstream. 

This dovetails nicely with a post from Karlin Lillington recently where she tackled the closed nature of the blog pioneers.

“This is the side of writing a weblog that sits really, really uncomfortably with me. I have heard one of blogging’s inner circle just not get a question from a neo-blogger who complained during a seminar that entry to blogging’s higher ranks was not, as the speaker proposed, due to merit but mostly because other A-list bloggers decide to link to you, thus perpetuating an inner circle (or thru a deliberate attempt to heighten your hitcount by writing to woo the googlebots). The speaker’s denial that this was so was backed by the example that if the speaker (whose blog was extremely popular) linked to the questioner’s blog, the questioner would find herself amongst the chosen in no time at all because all sorts of other people would then be interested in her blog, the speaker having given her talent the needed exposure. “Well, exactly,” she said in exasperation, and the speaker beamed, feeling he’d refuted her point and brought her into his blogging-is-the-new-E fold.”


Written by Tom Murphy

October 16, 2003 at 8:20 am

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