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The blossoming on PR information online..

One of the major reason behind why I started this blog eighteen months ago was the dearth of good, relevant and regular PR-related content online.  As all the PR trade magazines moved to a subscription model, more PR content disapeared.

This blog was simply to be a kind of respository for PR information, with a few opinions thrown in.

In the intervening period we have seen an explosion in PR blogs.  Reading the usual suspects this morning it struck me that right now we have loads of intelligent PR people, writing interesting views and pointing to interesting content.

It’s fantastic that all this content, across most verticals or disciplines, from education to technology and journalism, is now available in your browser and in some cases your RSS reader. It’s also great the see all the various writers cross-referencing and discussing many of the issues.

Of course there’s always room for more, so why don’t you start a blog?

Anyhow here, in no particular order is some of the more interesting discussions taking place at the moment across PR blogland.

 G2B Group is looking at  the state of modern television broadcasting.

 Kevin Dugan covers RSS and the media (Kevin pay the $10!)

 Jim Horton writes up an BRAve PR stunt in Michigan <groan>

 PR Machine evaluates the importance of your CEO

 The Minnesota PR Blog covers Subway’s new advertising and an event in October offering PR people in Minnesota some insight into the local political process

 The ever vigilent PR Studies is covering effective press rooms

 Pop! Public Relations has an interesting post on a new RSS service for PR people and the move from large to small agencies – don’t get me started on that one 🙂 

 MediaMap as always have a load of news on media and PR moves

 PR Bop covers the 78-year old drag racer

 Jenane Sessum is (ahem) covering a Ketchum story!

 As predicted, PR Fuel, is tearing along, covering Zoos, Ketchum, Waggener Edstrom and Microsoft.

 Elizabeth Albrycht is looking at PR e-mail and expect some more dialog with Agency Analytics!

Written by Tom Murphy

September 26, 2003 at 10:02 am

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