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The winners of US media-based reputation…

Apologies that postings have continued to be slow.  The continuing volume of virus e-mails has put a lot of strain on working on the road, so things should return to normal on Monday.

Earlier in the week, Marc Snyder was in touch regarding Delahaye’s Media Reputation Index. 

The latest research (April-June) shows that Disney has overtaken Microsoft as the company with the best media reputation.

Media Reputation Index – Top Ten Companies

1.  The Walt Disney Company
2.  Microsoft
3.  Intel
4.  Wal-Mart
5.  General Motors
6.  IBM
7.  Home Depot
8.  Coca-Cola
9.  Bank of America
10. AOL Time Warner

Read more details here.

Written by Tom Murphy

August 29, 2003 at 3:36 pm

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