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PR People have room temperature IQs…

Up2Speed’s Rick Bruner links to an interesting article in the LA Times about how new technologies such as SMS and Instant Messaging are having a significant (and in many cases uncontrollable) affect on movie revenues.

On related matter, in the latest issue of Up2Speed’s I-Blog newsletter, Rick has yet another cut at “PR people”.  Now it’s a pity because Rick has some good solid advice for PR people pitching blogs, but it’s lost in his insulting rash generalizations. 

How about this beauty:

“With the exception of all my friends who are PR people, I have to say most folks in that profession seem to have room temperature IQs, particularly where it comes to leveraging the opportunities of the Internet to advance their mission.”

Now I haven’t been slow to address the perceived tardiness of our profession to adopt blogs into the PR plan, but I think Rick has stepped a little over the mark here.

I take exception to his comments. 

What, only his friends are clever?  Please, spare me.

I was going to respond on the I-Blog list and then decided the better of it.  But here are some thoughts for you on his post:

  • With any new media there are going to be slip-ups, particularly a media where there are no formal rules.  Every blogger is different, some like pitches, some don’t. It’s not simple and those bloggers who don’t like PR will publicly chastise PR practitioners who try to brief them – we’ve covered this before.
  • There are already a large number of PR people successfully working with blogs, look at Laura Goldberg as just one recent example
  • Our profession isn’t exactly leading the charge, but then again what profession is? Marketing? Please.
  • Let’s not lose sight of the fact that the single largest blogging mistake, namely the “Purple Cow” episode wasn’t PR-driven, in fact it was marketers or viral marketers to be more precise.
  • Blogging is still in its infancy, PR people should be investigating and engaging with bloggers, however, insulting people isn’t going to help anyone

All marketing professions need to get up to speed (‘scuse the pun) on blogging.  A growing number of PR people are doing some great work in the blogosphere, the rest will follow in their own time. I think that time is now, many don’t agree.

By the way, I have to say most folks in that (PR) profession (that I know) seem to have (very high) temperature IQs…

Written by Tom Murphy

August 20, 2003 at 9:55 am

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