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RSS 101 Getting up and running

There’s a lot of RSS-related opinions online this week with impacts for the PR profession, but I’ll get to that later.

Talking with some colleagues recently, it struck me that one of the inhibitors to adoption of RSS by PR practitioners is that people are unsure how to get up and running.

As a result I have put together what I hope will be a useful and easy introduction to getting up and running with RSS, from downloading a news aggregator to subscribing to RSS feeds.

If you aren’t already using RSS, why not take five minutes to find out how to get set up.

RSS 101 – Getting up and running

Feedback is very welcome. Now onto the RSS-related content.

Wired has an interesting piece on RSS and its impact, though I’d like to re-iterate that RSS isn’t going to replace e-mail!

Last, but not least, Dan Gillmor discusses the growing popularity of RSS.

“I wish public-relations people would get with the program, too. If they’d only start creating RSS feeds of releases, journalists and the public at large could see the material they want, and the PR industry would be able to stop blasting huge amounts of e-mail to people whose inboxes are already over-cluttered. Of course, there will continue to be a use for e-mail in PR, but the volume could be cut substantially.”  Click to see the XML version of this web page.

Written by Tom Murphy

August 19, 2003 at 9:30 am

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