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Follow up: Blog Relations

There was some interesting follow-up on yesterday’s post on Blog Relations.

Justin Hitt asks the question what’s the best way to target bloggers that are covering areas relevant to your business.  Dave at B2Blog responded that he appreciates well targeted pitches.

My thoughts on this particular issue is that most blogs are different.  Some will definetely be interested in relevant PR pitches (me for example) however many others will be defensive against what they see as commercial interests.  When you come across that type of blog, rather than pitching a story, sometimes it’s more beneficial to try and get a dialogue going. Do your executives have passionate views on relevant issues? Are there new trends in the area? These less commercial approaches can often be better.

The difficult thing from a PR perspective is you will only find out their preferences through reading their blog, understanding their audience and then carefully targeting them.  To add even more problems to the mix, many bloggers will want nothing to do with you.  But that’s life.

On the plus side, there are a host of bloggers willing to listen if your (product) pitch is interesting. Gene Smith points to Anil Dash’s account of a positive PR pitch.

So what does all this tell us? Well here are the takeaways for me:

  • There are no hard and fast rules – because blogging is in main a personal not commercial pursuit.
  • There are thousands of blogs ready and waiting to hear from you in traditional PR style
  • There are thousands of blogs who will never want to hear from you
  • There are thousands of blogs willing to engage in dialogue if it’s relevant and interesting to their subject matter

I think one of the final comments posted by Anil at the link above sums up the challenge nicely.  In response to a reader’s comment that he had been “played” by Fox, he wrote the following response:

“If you accept that promoting something in response to a request to do so is being “played”. I don’t. Sometimes my friends make websites and ask me to link to them. I don’t feel like they’re playing me, either.

I mean, I got a free DVD. What’d you get for pimping Jello on your site? Doing it for free seems more like you’re being played.”

Your challenge is to identify blogs that are relevant and understand which is the best approach. It’s PR 2003 style.

Written by Tom Murphy

July 17, 2003 at 8:52 am

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