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Blog Relations…. yes Blog Relations again.

Blog Relations: The practice of effectively communicating with your audience through the medium of weblogs (also known as ‘blogs’ and ‘online diaries’)

What Blog Relations is not:

  • Treating bloggers as second class journalists
  • Adding bloggers’ e-mail addresses to blind PR spam
  • Expecting that bloggers will write about you (or your client) because you have deigned to add them to your “exclusive” media list

Now I know, gentle reader that you think I am off on a tangent again.  But this posting has been prompted by a number of things. 

First off, B.L. Ochman, the tireless force behind the Adventive I-PR mailing list (which is now under the considerable wing of the Up2Speed folks) posted a thought provoking piece on how PR people are lagging behind in terms of adopting new technologies and techiques (sign-up for I-PR now if you’re not already on the list, it has fantastic peer-created PR content).

Secondly, a number of bungled Blog Relations attempts have come to light.

At the risk of appearing like a slightly deranged down-and-out muttering to myself (too late you cry!), here are some pointed observations:

One size doesn’t fit all
Your relationship with a blogger is not the same as with an anlayst or a journalist.  In most cases they are not writing for a living, nor do they answer to a higher authority – other than you-know-who.

Flirting is not for everyone
Just because XYZ Corp. has decided that a certain blogger is worthy of your valuable time, that does not necessarily mean they will be flattered by your attentions.

Sometimes no means no
Some bloggers will never accept PR approaches.  Full Stop.  Recognize them and move on.

The workmen and tools analogy
I can’t believe that some practitioners still breach the very basic rules on online communication.  Are some of you really still sending press releases as attachments? Tell me it ain’t so

A penny for them
Preparation and thought are two much ignored parts of PR.  Think about what you are doing.  If you think you’ll help your client by whacking out a press release to a few bloggers along with your usual suspects.  Think again.

Don’t give up
There are of course thousands of bloggers who will appreciate well targeted information that’s relevant to the blogger and their audience.  It’s your job to find them.


On a purely personal level, I recieve very few PR pitches (which means people are scared or no one is reading this blog – that’s kind of sad in either case šŸ™‚

However, any PR pitches I have recieved, have been well written and relevant and I have written about them.

Matt Haughey has an interesting post on his experiences with PR people and Gene Smith has also posted some salient thoughts.

Written by Tom Murphy

July 16, 2003 at 10:01 am

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