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PR help from the police… advertising and search engines… anti-spam to kill e-mail?…

  • The UK’s National High Tech Crime Unit have launched a team dedicated to helping victims of computer crime to manage media relations.  The Unit believes one of the reasons so many firms pull out of prosecutions is the fear of bad publicity.
  • According to, advertising agencies are beginning to embrace search engine marketing. How are PR firms handling it?
  • The New Zealand Herald has an interesting op-ed on the need for companies to change their tradition views of PR. “Today’s PR is about partnership building, building relationships – long-term in most cases. It’s about strategic communications management. This means communicating effectively to meet company and consumer objectives.”
  • Declan McCullagh over at looks at how the increasing use of anti-spam software might affect e-mail.  I hate to point it out, but we suggested a similar issue at the beginning of the week…

Written by Tom Murphy

May 29, 2003 at 8:21 am

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