It's a crazy mixed up world….

One of the most valuable lessons I have learned in my professional life is recognizing your limits.  We often percieve lack of knowledge for weakness when in fact the ability to recognize when you need external assistance is a strength – and a profitable strength at that.

In that spirit I can honestly say that many walks of the PR profession are a mystery to me.  And none more so that Hollywood.  Celebrity PR’s roles are fundamentally different to anything I have done over the past decade and I can honestly say it holds no interest for me.

Many of you will have read my barrage against an ill-conceived anti-PR article written in the Toronto Star, but today I came across a story by Catherine Seipp for United Press International on her dealings with celebrity PR people.

It’s interesting but as the Smiths once sang “it says nothing to me about my life”!

Some other celebrity PR reading:

PS.. Catherine also has an interesting article on blogging in the American Journalism Review from last June.