Search Engines, Pop-up ads, Advertising and newspapers underpressure…

MarketingProfs has an article on adapting weblogs for corporate e-newsletters.  It’s an interesting take and has some good links to more blog-related articles. They also have a piece on “Everything you need to know about Search Engine Optimization”.  Have a read of it.  I believe SEO will become an important service for PR companies to offer to their clients.  If search engines are the window to the web, then getting high rankings is key to reputation management. [Thanks to MarketingFix for the link]

Know thine enemy, Ben Edeleman a Ph.D student at Harvard has written a paper investigating The Gator Corporation.  You know them, they are the company that proliferate many of those horrendously annoying pop-up ads that crowd our online experience. Urrggg. Have a read.

Our advertising brethren have their own issues from the online world. The terrible twins of accountability and ROI.

Finally, CNET reports that newspapers are increasingly posting recruitment listings online in an effort to stave off online competition, now if only they’d put their archives online. “..newspapers have watched their listings businesses decline over the past few years also because of online competition and economic factors.”