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Tom Murphy

Mon, 23 Dec 2002 12:46:28 GMT

Season’s Greetings. Although PR Opinions is *not* a blog about blogs, there is some interesting stuff on blogging in general which I’ve found over the past couple of days. I simply post it for your perusal!

The Washington Post has a piece on Blogging Going Mainstream. It references a recent article in the UK Independent that asks if the current popularity in blogging has anything to do with the higher than usual unemployment rates in Silicon Valley and a lot of technical people with lots of time on their hands. Interesting, but I think that’s wide of the mark.

Infoworld has a reader poll on blogs this week that has some interesting findings (particularly given Infoworld’s “technical” readership). The question they asked was:

“Do you or your company publish a blog (Weblog)?”

3.6%. A. Both. My company and I both maintain Weblogs.
7.2%. B. Yes. My company publishes a Weblog.
4.8%. C. Yes. I maintain a personal Weblog.
43.4%. D. No. Neither I nor my company publishes a Weblog.
41.0%. E. None of the above, “what’s a Weblog?” or “why should I?”

Written by Tom Murphy

December 23, 2002 at 1:46 pm

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