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Tom Murphy

Wed, 30 Oct 2002 07:54:42 GMT

We all know that in an online world, security measures to protect sensitive corporate data from the outside world are essential. But did you ever think media organizations may try and uncover your confidential data? Sound unlikely?

According to Deborah Branscum, twice in the past few weeks, Reuters in Sweden has leaked corporate financial results BEFORE the results were released publicly. Now my immediate reaction was – it was leaked. But one of the firms in question, Intentia, plan to file criminal charges and say there was an unauthorized entry to their systems via an IP address belonging to Reuters prior to the publication of their interim report for the third quarter….

Read more at Deborah’s Buzz Weblog and at the two firms in question, Fortum and Intentia.

UPDATE: Deborah has an update on the story on her blog today, also we carried out a non-scientfic experiment here yesterday and were able to pull up previous announcements without knowing the URL because of Intentia’s use of standardized HTML naming conventions, e.g. if all financial press releases are named “Year_Quarter_ Financial_Results.html” then if you know the next quarter is Q3 2002, and if they have put the results up early, just type “2002_Q3_Financial_Results.html” (or whatever their naming standard is) and bingo up come the results. Sounds like a more rational explanation alright.

Written by Tom Murphy

October 30, 2002 at 8:54 am

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