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Tom Murphy

Tue, 29 Oct 2002 14:39:28 GMT

Now stop me if you’ve heard this one before. At a recent journalist event I attended, the media representatives told the ensembled PR practitioners that their top pet peeves were:
– People following up press release to see if they (the journalist) got it.
– People pitching them with no idea of what the magazine covers
– Poor contact information on press releases and web sites

I am guessing this isn’t news to anyone reading this web page. In fact this isn’t news to anyone who has worked in PR for the past decade. But guess what, it’s still happening. How? Why? Is there a generation of PR trainers out there who still preach the old school of “always ring to follow up a press release”??? Who and where are they?

A recent article in Marketing Sherpa reiterates these same issues.

Can anyone please explain how after all this time and all these articles, our maligned profession still makes the same mistakes? I really would like to know the answer!

Written by Tom Murphy

October 29, 2002 at 3:39 pm

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