Fri, 30 Aug 2002 08:17:48 GMT

The Blog – A Corporate Guidebook…
Deborah Branscum is back and has an interesting piece on “Blogging and PR”, in particular on the dangers inherent on allowing employees to blog. She doesn’t believe in corporate blogs: “the very idea of a corporate blog is an oxymoron. Marketers can learn much from weblogs, which represent a true-blue, kick-ass innovation in communication. But the best blogs are written by missionaries, not marketers.”

While I agree that there are issues to be resolved (or at least rules of engagement to be agreed) with respect to employees blogging on the corporate domain I think there are real opportunities.

I believe a corporate blog could be a very useful means of highlighting what is happening at a company (particularly a technology company). The hyperlinked nature of a blog provides a useful summary and archive of what a company is up to. I think that ‘corporate blogging’ serves a much different purpose to the visionary stream of consciousness blog. (That’s a bit of a mouthful). The corporate blog is if you like a guidebook to what’s new. There might be a place for both of them….