Thu, 29 Aug 2002 07:45:51 GMT

A shamless plug… GoogleMail
Last month I gave GoogleMail as an example of promoting something via Blogs. GoogleMail is a Web Service we created that enables you to do a Google search via e-mail (Simply send an e-mail to with your search terms in the subject line). The only promotion of GoogleMail was via Blogs, no media outreach, no newswires.

The results have been impressive with over 100 blogs referencing GoogleMail. One of the more techie sites completely dissed GoogleMail and created a hailstorm of heated discussion. In the meantime over 30,000 people have used the service and last week the New York Times ran a story on GoogleMail based on the coverage from the blogs.

GoogleMail was a pet project that I believe has proved that communications is changing and many would say for the better! One word of caution however, while I believe blogs provide a powerful medium, I also believe that as more PR people try and influence them there is going to be some trouble…..blogs can be very personal affairs… so be careful out there and remember the basics of good communication never change.