Archives 2002-2006

From March 2002 to August 2006 I hosted the PR Opinions weblog, which not surprisingly covered the subject of Public Relations.

I’ve migrated all the 1,400 posts, rants, and comments from the original PR Opinions site to WordPress and you can view and search the complete archive here:

3 thoughts on “Archives 2002-2006

  1. Congratulations for your new blog! I am writing to you from Brazil, São Paulo, where I own a PR firm (number 1 in Brazil) called CDN-Companhia de Notícias. I am happy to be in touch with foreign experiences on our field through your blog. I have a blog too (not so famous as yours). I invite you to visit it:
    If you agree I will add your blog on my blog´s favorite list. Sorry my poor English but I consider that communication can be done inspite the language we speak…
    Yara Peres

  2. Hello,
    My name is Eoin Whelan, Im a event photographer based in Nth London Ive freelanced for the last three years.

    What im looking for is some pointers from u PR people as to how I might make inroads with PR companies here in London on how I might build a relationship and cover some of thier events.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated



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