How do I sleep at night?

Like a big overgrown baby that’s how.

Man, if only my professional life was as exciting and dynamic as this video suggests [Via Philip].

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of unethical practices such as astroturfing going on out there.

But I think I’m safe suggesting that the vast majority of PR is about helping companies and individuals communicate more effectively with their audiences (shock! the web 2.0 crowd won’t be happy with that).

The vast majority of us don’t spend our time having fantastically covert briefings in darkened car parks.  The vast majority of us have ethics, families, friends and lives.

PR Watch absolutely performs a useful watchdog service, but by tarring everyone in PR with the same brush they are only fulfilling their own worse nightmare. It’s FUD – that’s all.

Whenever I hear people ranting about PR people’s dark mission, I always wonder should I view my family like the poor henchman’s widow in the Austin Power’s movie who gets that call that her husband has been killed. And while he’s clearly evil his family are normal and clean living.


My conscience is clear baby!

6 thoughts on “How do I sleep at night?

  1. Tom,

    Well done. Did you know that the so-called Center for Media & Democracy (aka PR Watch) uses PR tactics to tout its PR-bashing news and studies? How ironic.



    PS I too sleep well at night.

  2. It’s a re-hashed version of Chomsky… but it isn’t necessarily fictional, simply ‘spun’ in the way Peter describes above.

    PR conducted at my level is fairly innocuous, but undoubtedly PR at a state, military or inter-national level does – or can – act in the way described. IMO

  3. I agree that there are less than savoury elements and practices to our profession, but for the vast majority this doesn’t reflect their day-to-day job.

    I agree it’s incredibly ironic that the video attempts to use the same “whitewash” technique we’re accused of for their own ends.

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