Delivering the New PR Finale…

This Friday the University of Sunderland talk series: “Delivering the New PR” comes to a close with a second event in London.

The event has all the usual suspects: Chris, ElizabethNevilleNicky, PhilipStuart and the gang from Don’t Panic.

The event takes place in at the Marriot Hotel, Regents Park in London this Friday, November 10th 2006.

More information here.


Delivering the New PR conference

2 thoughts on “Delivering the New PR Finale…

  1. Tom,

    Saw you at the conference and all I can say is. Second Life? Huh?

    I’m now blaming you and Stuart Bruce for my weekend disappearing into type pad. I used to have constructive things to do with my time.

    Another inspired, and previously reluctant, blogger has joined the 60 million others.

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