Don’t Panic Guide to Social Media

Great turn out at the event in Manchester.

I did my usual grumpy view of social media :-) and was followed by Marshall Manson from Edelman who gave a great overview of the changes ahead.

I loved his description of walking into a party and starting off talking to a stranger by saying “For immedia release…” (That’s a PR-Social Media gag folks).

Marshall was followed by Simon Wakeman.

Simon had a really interesting talk about the adoption of social media in local government, the challenges and the opportunities.

They surveyed 82 communicators across 61 local authorities:

  • Nearly 50% of local authorities in the UK are using blogs!
  • Over one third are using podcasts
  • Social networks, Wikis and Video are being used by 20%
  • Over 55% of councils have used social networks while 42% have no plans and the balance are not aware of them.

Simon’s authority have launched Mixit – a mixture of blogs and podcasts aimed at younger people.

  • The objective was to create two way communication and get young people involved.  The young people are actively involved in producing the podcasts
  • The secondary objective was to help Medway learn about podcasting as a communications tool
  • Originally set up as a six month project. Operating cost was GBP200 but the people cost was a lot more expensive with 14-15 hours involved in planning and producing each episode.
  • 300-400 people have downloaded the content

5 thoughts on “Don’t Panic Guide to Social Media

  1. Hi Tom, I was at the event today and was inspired by some of the things you and the other speakers were talking about, To be honest I’ve just touched the surface of the potential of all this…

    I was one of those people who thought the secret lay with Facebook and You Tube. My blinkers are now well and truly off!

    I’ve even started my own blog today, so thanks again!

    Gary Jenkins

  2. It’s the start of my blogging journey so I’m looking forward to it…..

    I tried sending the URL before but I’m not sure it worked properly so I deleted it! I think I need to adjust some of the settings but haven’t had time to go through it all as I’m packing to take my wife and kids to the in laws down south early tomorrow!

    The URL I cut and paste was as follows:

    I’ve called my blog my Daddy Day Diary. As father of two, soon to be three, a husband, son, brother, mate and a professional young man trying to find his way in life I’m sure I’ll have plenty of things to talk about!

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