4 thoughts on “Tom’s in Seattle all week

  1. Mark,

    After the summer we had, it’s very pleasant indeed – and the first time in the last four visits that Seattle’s been warmer and drier than Dublin – which if you know the weather in Ireland is a feat in itself!


  2. ‘many commentators seem to be focused on the latest gadget rather than the impact of how people are now finding and sharing information and connecting with others online’

    – Hi. I think this is, in particular, a very valid point.

  3. Nice piece. I had the opportunity to have breakfast with Larry webber a couple of years ago and he observed that the real essence of PR is in the messages. If you have nothing to say that is of interest to others bells and whistles don’t help.

    It would be helpful if many of the people talking about the impact of new media read two books by Alvin Toffler; Future Shock and the The Third Wave. central to both books is the observation that the increase in information is exponential. The consequence of this for the internet is that there is no search engine likely to keep up with the rate of inccrease in new information.

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