Social media ebooks, PRs and bloggers

I was giving a talk to a group of small business owners last night on the topic of social media.  One of the people at the meeting asked for some further reading on the topic and then I happened upon this post from Chris Brogan: 20 free ebooks on Social Media. I haven’t read them mind you :-) but as we all know reading expands the mind… or is reading “dead” along with everything else these days?

Susan Getgood asks why can’t bloggers and PR people just get along. I get along pretty well with myself, but I’m not sure that’s the aim of the post…

One thought on “Social media ebooks, PRs and bloggers

  1. Tom – I was one of those business owners last night and wanted to thank you so much for explaining everything about everything in 15 minutes flat! Well done. You were so good in fact that I now find myself able to thank you through a blog, I have never ever blogged in my life.

    My little sisters will be so impressed, street cred at last!

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